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Computer Training
Continuing this great work of making blind students well equipped with the knowledge of computers, NVS has planned to start the upgraded courses for the blind students. This time NVS has made an effort to give computer training facilities to the other blind students also who are students of other school and colleges. The course is proposed for students who are:

1.) Local Resident students of Jodhpur.
2.) Students from all over Rajasthan.
3.) Student from outside Rajasthan.

This project aims to impart training to the visually impaired in computer operations so as to provide them an opportunity to become self dependent and earn their livelihood. We have implemented this project in partnership with EBSR(Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan). The Project is funded by Rajasthan Mission on Livelihood(RMol).Under this project the new lab named “Compter Braille lab” was inaugurated by shri M. L. Mehta (President Eye Bank Society of Rajasthan), on 5th February 2009. Shri J.P. Chandelia Commisioner, jodhpur were the other honorable guests on this occasion.

The training course will comprise of teaching in following operations :-

(A) Computer Fundamentals

(B) Operating Systems

     (i) Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS DOS)

     (ii) Microsoft Windows
(C) Office Automation
     (i) Microsoft Word
     (ii) Microsoft Excel
     (iii) Microsoft Power Point
(D) Internet surfing

The training will be imparted to a group of nine students at a time. The training capsule will involve six months training to each student. One session of two hours per day will be conducted and thus the total turn out of trained students will be 18 per year.

New Equipments in Computer Lab
 Some new equipments like Braille Reader, Braille Writer and Braille Embosser have given by C – DAC pune with the help of which the blind children can read or write in Braille and can print the matter in braillle with the help of computers.

Vocational Training

Under “Learn & Earn” scheme artisans  are employed to train  the students in weaving bed sheets, towels, Niwar for folding beds etc. They are also trained in canning of chairs, sewing of different bags & foot mats and candle making etc. To encourage the students they are paid some remuneration also. The vocational training helps them in  making them self dependant after completing education by starting some commercial activity from the different arts learned during education in the school .


Training in Instrumental & vocal Music

Trained Music teachers are appointed who give training of different musical instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Dholak, Flute, Bango, Gitar, Casio, Octopad, organ etc and vocal music. Many students appears for different certificate courses after taking the basic training in the school for becoming music teachers after completing the school education.


Planning for Self Dependence

First time in whole of India, this institution started a special self supporting plan under which National Saving Certificates ( NSC) of worth Rs 5000/- ( Five Thousand) each student is purchased in the name of student so that at the time of completing education , he/she can start some business with the maturity value on their own or can persue higher studies.


Mini Braille Press

School has established a computerized mini Braille press imported from Sweden  so that Braille books and braille articles can be printed in short period of time.


Computer Training

School has established a modern Computer Lab with the latest available softwares with the help of a NRI Mr.Prem chand Gadda ,USA . Computer knowledge is given to  all the students from VI th standard onwards by trained faculties . Three month special course in computer is also organized by Polytechnic College, Jodhpur.

Games & Sports 
Different Physical exercises and games and sports facilities like Dumbles, Laizium, Weight lifting, Races, Cricket, slide sphere throw, Disc throw, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho etc are provided to the students to keep them physically fit. Many of the students have won prizes not only at regional & national level but at International level also. For details of awards received by school and its teachers and students please click  ' Awards ' topic on home page of this web site.

Louis Braille week
Louis Braille Week is celebrated from 29th December to 4th January every year.Various programmes are conducted during the entireweek like Braille reading & Braille writing competitions, rallies. Quiz competition, music competitions, various games & sports competitions etc. At the end of the week Closing ceremony is organized with Cultural programme and prize distribution in presence of distinguished Guests & donors. 

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