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About Blind School

Netraheen Vikas Sansthan is working for rehabilitation of blind, deaf & dumb and mentally retarted students since last 35 years in Suncity Jodhpur by providing free education with boarding and lodging facility separately for boys and Girls. The School was started on 15th August 1977 with only two blind students the number of which has gone to 514 at present out of which 167 are girls. The school is registered with Registrar of Societies, Govt. of Rajasthan Vide Regd. No. 436/1978-79 and is recognised by Department of Education, Government of Rajasthan upto 12th standard. This is the only institute for girls with hostel facility in Rajasthan. The school is up to senior secondary level for blind. All the teachers many of whom are even blind also are well trained and highly qualified. The results of 10th and 12th Board exams have always been maintained at 100% since beginning of school. The Students of the school have been awarded several times Medals and Prizes not only at National, State and District level but also at International level in the field of various Education, Sports and Music competitions.
The School is having two separate hostel buildings for girls and boys in the school campus only. The hostel facility is provided free of cost.Two male wardens for boys and one lady warden are working full time to take care of blind students. All the rooms are equipped with four beds with mattresses and pillows, separate almirahs, one harmonium, one tape recorder to listen audio cassettes and fans etc.
Lodging and Boarding
The lodging and boarding facility is provided free of cost to all the students. Morning tea, Breakfast, Lunch, afternoon tea / fruits and Dinner is served daily to more than 575 persons at a time. Every week special diet is also served. Quality food and nutritious diet is ensured by management.
Mess facilities
The school is having latest kitchen and pantry having all modern facilities like LPG pipe connections for various cooking outlets, floor mill, Refrigerators, water coolers machine for making Chapaties, machine for needing dough, generator and solar geezer etc. There are two separate Dinning halls for boys & girls having sufficient dinning tables and chairs to serve them.
The music subject is compulsory for class 1st to 8th and as an optional subject for class 11th & 12th under which the training is given for all instruments like Guitar, Harmonium, Tabla, Drum, Piano, flute and Congo etc by trained music teachers. The school is having its own Orchestra party who use to perform special programmes on the eve of Republic day, Independence day, official functions like Braille day, VIP/ donor visit to school and on various other occasions. Many awards have been received for their outstanding cultural program at National and District level.
Craft and Vocational Education
The craft education is compulsory from class 1st to 8th. The education includes of canning of chairs, weaving & spinning of bed sheets & towels on Handloom machines. The students are paid stipend for these activities under Learn and Earn programme.
Games and Sports
For overall physical and mental development of blind students, the school provides full facilities for games both indoor and outdoor games like playing Cards, Chess, Cricket, football, Kabaddi and other sports facilities. The students of the school participate in almost all major games & sports competitions held at District / State/ National and International level. The students of this school have created history by wining Two Silver and Three Bronze medal at PAN Olympic Games held at Spartanburg in USA in the year 2001, more than 300 medals have been received by school at various state level competitions. First time tournaments of girls have also been organized and our school got 30 medals. In Lucknow from 3rd- 8 Jan.2008, a Cricket test match series was organized under “Shakuntala Memory Games Tournament.” The school won a test match and man of the match award too. The students (13 boys and 3 girls) got 7gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze in 10th Senior and 5th Junior Paralympics games held at Faridabad.
There is one big library hall in the school containing more than 6500 Braille books of all types including text books of course material, competitive exams books, fiction/novels, story books, holy books like Ramayana, Geeta, Mahabharata, Quran and Bible etc and other various reference books for classes 1st to 12th & higher education also. School subscribes various fortnightly / monthly / quarterly magazines and Journals useful for blind students and teachers for their updation of current affairs & general knowledge.
National federation of Blind (NFB) & All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB) have also provided furniture and books for the benefit of blind students. NFB has established total 10 libraries in india out of which 1 is established in our school, the only one in rajasthan.
Computer Education
School has recently established a fully air conditioned Computer Lab with the help of respected NRI donor Mr.Premchand Gadda & his friends from USA having 17 computers equipped with all latest hardware & software useful for blind. Computer basic course classes are taken by trained teachers & are compulsory for all the students from class 6th to 12th. Recently the School has started a three month Certificate course also in association with Polytechnic College, Jodhpur. 14 students have completed this course during 2007-08 sessions.
Braille Printing Machine
The school has imported special Braille printing machine from Sweden in the year 2001 with the help of funds given by than British High Commissioner & Member of Parliament Late Dr.L.M.Singhvi. The machine is very useful for converting books of normal text matter into Braille script which is used by all the students for their schooling.
Audio Recording Facility
There are three mode of teaching to blind students mainly teaching in class room, secondly thru Braille books and lastly by giving them audio cassettes on different subjects which they can hear later on to revise the course contents taught in class room.There are 2768 recorded cassettes of different subject available as on date. The dubbing is done in school’s Computer lab only with the latest equipments.
Home Science
Regular cooking & hobby classes are conducted for blind girls and boys to make them self dependant.
Yoga Classes
After visit of famous Yoga Guru Baba Ramdeo in our school, Yoga camps are organized from time to time in the school to keep the students physically fit.
Spiritual Camp
In every session various lectures are organized at frequent interval by famous Saints & Spiritual teachers of different religion to give them moral education and to teach them the importance of relationship of mind, Soul and body. Such lectures are also very helpful to improve the moral character of students and to keep them away from the bad habits like tobacco eating, smoking and drinking etc. To improve the mental strength of students camps of VIPSHYANA are also conducted from time to time.
Deaf & Dumb, Mentally Retarded and Blind Unit
A multi purpose disabled unit namely Acharya Hasti multipurpose disable unit was started on 15th August 2006 in association with Department of Social Welfare, Government of Rajasthan for rehabilitation of deaf & dumb, mentally retarded and blind students with 25 students. At present there are total 231 students who are provided free lodging. Boarding and education. There are three trained teachers & physiotherapists to teach them by aid of Hearing machines and GROUP HEARING AID and various other necessary equipments. The students are trained in making Photo Frames, Canning of Chairs, Painting and Sewing work also.

School Uniform
School uniform is also provided to all the students by the institution.

Free Medical check up
(a) Normal medical checkups at frequent intervals are organized at school campus with the assistance of local hospitals & clinics free of cost to keep the students medically fit and healthy. Free medicines are provided to blind students as & when required.
(b) Eye check up is also done by renowned AIIMS, Delhi alumni doctors of ASG Eye Hospital, Jodhpur at regular period. Even eye operations of some blind students are also done where ever possible.
(c) ENT check up is done at regular intervals for the Deaf and Dumb Students. All deaf & dumb students are studying with the help of Speech Trimmer. The Eudiometry test is also donefor providing them hearing aids.
Educational Tours
Educational tours / excursions are organized every year for increasing exposure and vision of blind students separately for primary students at local level and at famous historical place/ Hill station for middle & senior students.
Audit & Inspections
The school is maintaining proper books of Accounts as required by Income tax Act and the same areaudited by M/s S.R. Loonker & Company, Chartered Accountants, Jodhpur every financial year. Official Inspections are also carried out by Department of Social Welfare and Department of Education, Government of Rajasthan every year to ensure proper utilization of grant in aid and working of school.
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Self Dependence
Training in Vocal & Instrumental Music
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